Participate political and vote for our candidates

Immigration to North America for many years, we never thought to participate in local or national political life, we always think that politics should not be our concerned regularly. But we are gradually realizing that we do not care about politics but politics always cares about us. All aspects of our lives are influenced and constrained by politics. Every bill and law formulated by the government has a direct impact positively or negatively on the daily lives of our people.

The advantage of democracy is that voters can use ballots to determine the national political situation. When we give up the right to vote, that means we let our future to other people decide. They may or maynot have the same values as us. When a law or bill that does not conform to our values is passed, except accusing those politicians who vote for this bill we also have the responsibility for it because we have not been actively involved in politics before.

We created this website, aimed at arousing the Chinese people's political awareness originally, we strive the Chinese political demands to be accepted. It is vital to choose candidates who represent our values, and it doesn’t matter for them to be Chinese. After 2017 Canada Conservative party new leadership campaign, we find it is very difficult for us to win the election base only Chinese so that we develop English version. Using it we introduce our candidates, our values to all communities.